Welcome to Neumann's Bar in North St. Paul, Minnesota!
Neumann's Bar in North St. Paul, Minnesota

Welcome to Neumann's!

North St. Paul City ordinance dictates that motorcycles be parked back wheel to the curb.



A person parking a motorcycle on the roadway of a street or highway must:

If parking in a marked parking space, park the motorcycle completely within the marked space; and

  1. Park the motorcycle in such a way that the front of the motorcycle is pointed or angled toward the nearest lane of traffic to the extent practicable and necessary to allow the operator to:

  2. View any traffic in both directions of the street or highway without having to move the motorcycle into a lane of traffic and without losing balance or control of the motorcycle; and

  3. Ride the motorcycle forward and directly into a lane of traffic when the lane is sufficiently clear of traffic.


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